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Sleep Attack!

I am thankful for the many forums/blogs/etc. shared on-line by those with Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/and other chronic conditions/illnesses.

I am dealing with another one of our “shared” symptoms!  That of the dreaded “Sleep Attack!”  That feeling of not being able to wake up!  Sleeping hard for 11 hours (YES!  Unbelievable)….forcing myself to get up…knowing that I could continue sleeping for hours!

In the past when this “Sleep Attack” has happened, that is exactly what I have done!  I have slept….gone back to bed to sleep for hours….awoke to snack….went back to bed…to sleep…awake for another snack….then back to bed to sleep for the night….only to awake exhausted.

I have not given in to a nap yet…even though my eyes are heavy as if weighted down….my body extremely exhausted and not wanting to respond. I will give in to sleep for a while….and just again enter the sleep…wake…sleep pattern.

I find no trigger for these attacks….just know they hit at random….can occur when feeling miserable (as I have been the past several days)…..can occur after numerous nights of lack of sleep….or after nights of 5-6 hours of sleep.

It would be awesome to figure out some type of pattern! I know this would vary from person to person….but it would better help us to have an idea….all tests run to date show no true reason for me to have these battles.  I know that we can only add it to the many symptoms that we share.

Not everyone with chronic conditions/illnesses experiences these “Sleep Attacks”….but those that do understand how disruptive and truly scary they are! I am thankful that I do not have to consider driving during these days…..most days I prefer my husband to drive….I am a bit concerned about my ability to truly focus.

I know that this “Sleep Attack” will subside….it will retreat and hide……awaiting another day….another time to rear its head.

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