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Living with Fibro

i have come across a great site “livingwithfibro.com”.  Great site to interact with others dealing with this chronic condition!

I have just started my path! I am still settling in and trying to get my body to settle!  My symptoms are still out of control….medications and restrictions to my work day are hoping to provide much needed relief. 

Having experienced other painful chronic conditions, I know that I am in for a battle.  This one may truly top all that I have dealt with. Yet I know it will not break me.

The primary difference is that there is no cure for this condition. There is no surgical cure. There is only a dance….that dance made by the balance of pain with the medications and activity allowed. 

Fibro and Polyarthralgia are permanent, chronic conditions. They are not fully understood by the medical community. I am thankful for my doctor!  She has educated herself on these conditions!

I have no answers. I am seeking them myself!  I am battling to gather more strength.  I am battling to gain more control!

Yet I know that I will come to a point that I can manage!  I will learn to better manage my symptoms….to better understand my conditions. 

Yes….it hurts!  Yes….it is extremely painful!  We persevere through the pain…the burning….the spasms.

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