Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

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The Secret Within

The internal struggle

Forever raging within

The only thing for certain

Is the ever present pain…

Appearances are deceivingsun-beach-st-peter-obi-baltic-sea-163867

Just as a smile hides the truth

The outer shell is a disguise

Causing questioning glances…

The mirror betrays

Reinforcing a false narrative

And reinforcing the changes

A reminder of all that is lost…

Guided by our self knowledge

We do our bestTo follow the narrow path

Strewn with boulders and potholes…

No amount of care

Prevents the impacts upon us

The frustration our family and friends endure

Hurting those most close to us…

Our hidden conditions and illnesses

Attempt to rob us of all

Destroy our finances

Replace what is taken with isolation…

We utilize the tools we have

Each carrying his own set

Medication, exercise, meditation just a few

Combined with family and friend support…

We are united to others

Similar paths shared

A brave front we will show

As we fight an unseen enemy…



The Body As Prison

There is no end to the overwhelming pain

Coursing through the body….

Every cell seems to be revolting

There is no sense to the chaos within.

Medicine has no answers

No true understanding as to why

No knowledge of the cause

Many that still do not believe in our Hidden Illness.

Outward appearances defy our reality

Our bodies hide the truth

Inside we feel the sharp stabs of the dagger

The ice picks that pierce

The incessant fire that burns

The throbbing head

The overwhelming fatigue

The loss of words…..of being able express oneself

The loss of independence

Having to watch your child(ren) through the window

Struggling to prepare a simple meal

Hands and fingers crippled with pain

The slow methodic walk down the hallway

Each wall has become a walking aid

Creepy crawlies under the skin

Living in a daze….like a thick veil covering our eyes

The sense of loss

The grief of losing yesterday

Today and tomorrow forever changed

Each day presents itself differently

Never knowing the type or intensity of the onslaught…

This is my reality

My body has become my prison.


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