Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

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Having chronic pain, a chronic illness, or recovering from surgery tests the strongest of spirit!  It definitely brings out the best and the worst (at times)……there are times of tears  and voiced frustration…..of looking above and saying “Why Me, Lord?”

The ability to rebound….to regain our strength….to regain our direction….to renew that inner strength….this is what being human is all about.  This is the time that The Lord can reflect and touch others through us.

By giving in at times….to admitting we can do nothing…..we open the door for opportunity and Grace.  We open the door for Blessings to come our way.

Yes…there is a fine line to walk….that edge of self pity…..that negative shoal.  On those days when I have done more than I should, after a long trip to the doctor’s……or just those inevitable days that the body is not happy……that is the time to focus on an inner quiet prayer.  One of my favorites is simply…..”God please grant me Grace to persevere through this day”.

Rolling down the window (if going to or returning from a doctor’s appointment) to breath in the fresh air…..or if at home to get a window opened….light a scented candle….to relax and to allow time to pass.

This passing of time during these days can be the most difficult of all!  Afterall…the world says we are to be busy…to be on the go….to somehow always be doing.  Wait though!  By allowing ourselves the opportunity to “regroup”……to allow ourselves to be lifted up from our low periods….we are given a greater gift than the world allows itself!  We are given God’s precious gift of Himself, of our family, of our friends……gifts that those of us who are dealing with “difficult circumstances” so appreciate!

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