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The Day After

Wow! It is the day after the Ketamine Infusion! The process officially started with the knockout drug in the IV at about 8:34 am! The nurses smiled and said that they would keep me asleep during the entire treatment. 

I awoke very groggy about 7pm with Hubby and son in the room. Managed to get dressed and wheeled to the car. I remember my Hubby waking me up…asking something about Chicken Fries…then being told walk up and eat….somehow I ate the chicken….

I remember my Hubby trying help me get a t-shirt on….then nothing until 6:33am this morning!!

I am still very groggy….out of it. As I get more wits about me I will share any difference that I feel in my body. 

Note To Self…

I write this knowing that I will NOT be able to keep my train of thought! (Those of you with Fibro and/or dealing with grief will understand!)

Today we had to take care of a few errands since my parents will be arriving tonight to visit us in our new home!

One of the frustrating experiences was at the furniture store. I could NOT remember the word or words “night stand….small dresser”!  And, of course, my Hubby had to be the comedian! LOL  The wonderful lady assisting us looked at me and said “You have Fibro?!”  

Then of course the small talk about how we cannot connect a thought or how only one word comes to mind….no matter how out of context!  (Yes! She has Fibro and saw it right off!)

Then I realized that I should not have fixed dinner!  After all, who turns the burner to High thinking it was turned off???

Thankfully I caught it quickly and turned it off! Wow! THAT was a close one!

I would tell myself to remember to double check settings…..LOL

I guess you can tell…..Fibro + Grief = MAGNIFIED loss of short term memory!

It is hard to describe….I mean who really cannot remember if they brushed their teeth or took a shower?  Even something as simple as changing one’s underwear!!!

I just smile!  After all my new doctor has ordered a battery of tests….she wants to make sure that we have not missed something….

This I appreciate! Now to go through the additional tests…bloodwork today….MRI on Tuesday…..EMG with Neurologist to be determined!  Appointment with Rheumatologist set….

I know my Baby Sis is pleased….she is looking down from Heaven and smiling…..I am finally getting the medical care I need.

Yes….my Dearest Sis!  I can feel you in the rays of sunshine through the window….as I relax and anxiously await our parents to arrive!

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