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Update on Pain Pump

At my appointment last week with my Pain Specialist, I found out that all had been approved…ready for the next step…the actual pain pump surgery! So I have been anxiously awaiting for the scheduler to call me.

This evening I got the call!  I am to go in for some labs (no fasting required)…and am scheduled for next Wednesday!  The time and further details to come via the nurse who will follow up with me between now and Tuesday.

Since today was a busy day, I will rest tomorrow and go in for labs on Thursday morning.  That will give plenty of time for the labs to be reviewed and to make sure that there is absolutely no reason to delay the surgery.

I do know that this will be an outpatient procedure…should be 4-5 hours…then able to come home.

Will post more once I speak with the nurse…and of course will discuss my experience with the actual procedure and the process to dial in the medication!

For now?  I am just in awe…amazed at how fast all is now moving!!!!

Pain Pump Trial – What to Know

If you are awaiting your opportunity for a pain pump trial, there are a few things that I would strongly recommend you do to prepare yourself for the procedure.

  • Take time to write down any questions you and/or your family members have for any aspect of the procedure or of the pain pump itself.
  • Realize that this procedure will more than likely result in a major Fibro Flare! If like mine, it will be more intense than any experienced to date.
  • Take a shower the day before the procedure! You will have to avoid heat and not be allowed a bath for up to several days (depending upon your doctor’s instructions).
  • Prepare, or better yet, ask a friend to provide dinner for you and your family the evening of the procedure. You will only want to curl up with a blanket to rest or attempt to nap.
  • Resume your medications as soon as you can (or as instructed by your specialist). Do not be discouraged if you are overwhelmed by pain! It will take a day or so for your meds to get your body back under control.
  • Plan on doing nothing the day after. This has been a huge stressor — physically, emotionally, mentally.
  • Understand that no matter how much you have prepared for this opportunity, it will be overwhelming! Whether it is successful or not, you are embarking on a major event…potentially life changing.
  • Your body’s reaction to the trial WILL be black and white. You will either experience some type of relief or there will be no change in your symptoms. (For me, this was great news…the idea of a “clear answer”!)
  • Embrace all offers of help!
  • If successful, you will need patience as your doctor and pain pump manufacturer coordinate for approval via insurance for the pump and the scheduling of the surgery for implantation. (I am told this can take 3-4 weeks to get to the point of scheduling the procedure.)


I have been taking Cymbalta for about two years. It was the first medication that my body tolerated for my Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia. I credit it for helping me also deal with the intense emotions of coping with the sudden death of my sister.

I was nervous about the change in insurance, even though it was for the good. I am sure most of you can understand and relate. After all, we have our medical team in place as well as medication(s)…these come “under threat” any time our insurance changes. We never know for sure what prior authorizations will be required or if our specialists or primary doctor will be accepted.

My doctor and specialists were quickly approved…the only hiccups of course came with my medications. I was very impressed with how quickly my new insurance worked with my pain specialist to approve my opioid prescriptions. It seemed that all was under control…that is until it came to the refill of my prescription for Cymbalta. Needless to say, this “hiccup” has opened up a brand new chapter in my adventure with pain.

The timing? Couldn’t have been “better”…my last pill was taken on Friday…and I was not made aware of the preauthorization issue until Saturday. Thus began a journey I would have never dreamed of experiencing.

By Sunday evening, my body was feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced. Yes, I have dealt with almost every symptom of Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/Neuralgia/IBS-D/etc…electric shocks, nausea, headache, numbness, tingling, burning, chills, sleeplessness…however, this was different!

This is now day four of full fledged Cymbalta withdrawal! The electric shocks are more like a strobe light…with a gremlin manning the switch; the nausea is extreme; the irritability — I am biting my tongue a lot and apologizing; the body sweats are worse than any menopausal moment; the dizziness is incredible — very scary at times; the nightmares — well…we just won’t go there.

These withdrawal symptoms in combination with my “usual” symptoms are making my days MUCH more difficult than usual. I am very thankful for my supportive husband and son…thankful for the extra hugs…thankful for the extra attention from our dogs…

I have spent time reading and researching withdrawal…it has been a huge eye opener. I never would have imagined dealing with this! Yet, I am…so I want to make sure that others who are taking Cymbalta speak with their doctor. It is important to have a plan…sooner or later you may need to change meds or get off of it.

I am having to deal with this cold turkey. I am not going to pay the price for Cymbalta out of pocket…we can’t afford it. And now that I am this far into it, I am curious as to how my body will react with just the opioids…after speaking with my doctor’s office today…it will be some time before the preauthorization is approved.


Our Families

As a Mom (or Dad), we put our family first! Our kids…our spouses are the most important. We do all we can to make their lives the best we possibly can. We push ourselves…we put our families first…

We do this without thought for ourselves. We push ourselves…

We witnessed firsthand our parents and grandparents efforts. We saw that they gave…..they gave of themselves. We witnessed firsthand their struggle….even if they tried to hide it from us.

I know my parents did their best to hide the financial struggle from us (meaning us kids)….I know that I was too acutely aware as to their predicament…

I want only the best for our son….just as my parents wanted for me. I want only the best for our son….just as my hubby wants…just as his parents want.

We work hard to provide….to provide better opportunities…

I know that I based initial life decisions on my concern of my parents financial needs (knowing there were other siblings)….I hope that I can encourage our son to make the decisions he will need to make irregardless of our financial state.

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