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Simple Is Better

This last year has taught me so much! I have learned so much with the Low FODMAP diet! It has also given me a greater sense of power….to know that there are a lot of things that I can do to help control the balance of my symptoms.

I know that there are things beyond my control….stress being one of them. I am so blessed to have had this last year and a half to participate to assist with all our son’s activities.

One thing is certain….the Low FODMAP diet has taught me that simple is better! The limited spices and paying close attention to the portions is truly not as restrictive as it appears! The freedom is so great!

I have learned to be more creative….to test….to try substitutions…..and to most importantly, not fear failure! Not every recipe works out….not all substitutions work. However, with continued perseverance and research the number of recipes has grown!

I now have breads (including rice flour muffins), cookies, pie and brownies for treats! Better yet a number of main dishes (casseroles, spaghetti, tamale pie – thanks to alternative pastas and corn meal), basic salads, soups, stews, and other side dishes (like Quinoa). So tasty!

I still bake my son his bread and enjoy preparing some of their favorites even though I can’t have them. I just have some of my modified foods in those instances. It is just nice to enjoy meals together!

Funny! My hubby and son are enjoying my modified diet as much as I am when it comes to our meals! They do prefer their breads! LOL

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