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Random Thoughts

Listening to laughter of a child. Smiling inwardly and outwardly….it is completely contagious!

Hearing the sounds of a piano….my mind is distracted. I so want to sit and play. I know I can try very soon! Yet….my heart aches at why I know my mind has lost. All those years of piano! When I play now, it is but an echo. Yet I am thrilled that I can play…..even if it is but a shadow of what I was able to do.

Look at that! My intent to try to write a simple abstract thought is now convoluted and twisted! It is as if I am grasping at every sound…at every action that I witness around me….as if I am making up for lost time!

I am also apprehensive…yes, I must admit. I am nervous about tomorrow or the next. I want to be over the struggles…..I want to be able to move forward…to regain strength and move forward.

Yet I will not give in to the latent fear. I will stand and move forward….embrace tomorrow with that inner strength that only comes from above…from the quiet stillness within that says we shall persevere.

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